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Medical informationto the mini pillCerazette

Cerazette is takento prevent pregnancy. Cerazette contains a small amount of a female sex hormone, theprogestagendesogestrel.Therefore Cerazetteis a progestogen pillor mini - called pill. Unlike the combinedpill contains no estrogenprogestogen pillnext to theprogestin.

The effect of most ofprogestogen-only pills is mainly due to the fact that the sperm is prevented from entering into the uterus. They, however, prevent the maturation of an ovum not always know what is the real effect of the combined pills.

Cerazette differs from other minipillsthat the dose in most casessufficient to prevent the maturation of the oocyte. This Cerazette has a high contraceptive efficacy. Unlike the combined pill Cerazette can be used by women who can not tolerateestrogens or breast-feeding.

A disadvantage may be mentionedthat it can come during theCerazette irregular bleeding. The control bleeding may not occur to you entirely.

Med info to the pill Cilest ® tablets

Active ingredient: ethinyl estradioland norgestimate
Manufacturer: Janssen / CilagGmbH

How do the ingredients of Cilest?

Cilest is a combination of the active ingredients and preparationEthinylestradiolNorgestimat. Thedrug is used for contraception.

Ethinylestradiol an estrogen, a progestin is desogestrel. Both are synthetic derivatives of the naturally occurring hormones in the female body which control the course of the menstrual cycle and a pregnancy.

Depending on the amount ofestrogens have different effects in the female body. In the normalmenstrual cycle estrogen low levelspromote the maturation of an egg in the ovary, ovulation and therefore the ability to conceive. During pregnancy, the body produces more estrogen. This suppresses the aging of a new ice and theovulation. The already fertilized egg can then mature in peace.

Progestogens in pregnancy alsoprotect the fertilized egg. They alsosuppress ovulation and thicken eventhe mucus which blocks the cervix, and thus make it impermeable tosperm. They also change thestructure of the endometrium so that a fertilized egg can growfurther. A new egg is in this alteredmucosa no longer settle.

These effects are used for contraception. Through the combination of estrogens with progestins candespite the lack of ovulation to mimic the normal menstrual cycle of womenlargely. The monthly bleeding takes place continues.

The menstrual period is slightly weakened and very uniform.

  Therefore contraceptive drugs are also used in Regelbeschwerdenunregelmäßigen or painful monthly cycles of treatment.

Med Info Diane 35 pill

Diane 35contains the active ingredientsethinyl estradiol andcyproterone acetate. Available since 1988, thispharmaceutical is availableunder the brand namesDiane 35 andMinerva andunbranded asethinylestradiol/ cyproterone acetate.

What causesDiane 35 andwhen is itused?

The hormonecyproterone acetate is similar to the female sex hormoneProgestreon. It also limits theeffect of the malesex hormone,which is also known as an anti-androgen. Some otherprogesteronehormones actsomewhat like the male hormone. Women who are againsthypersensitive, have oftenstruggled withacne, oily skin orhair growth on the chest, legs or face.

Ethinyl estradiol isan estrogenhormone. The combination withcyproterone acetate causesDiane 35 also actsas a contraceptive.It is in this pill is aso-called sub-50 -Pill.

Diane 35 is recommended for women who have problems with acne, hair growth and have to preventpregnancy. Acne and excessive hair growth is prevented by taking Diane35 and its anti-androgenicaction. The male hormonesthat can cause acne and hair growth are inhibited byDiane 35 safe.

Diane 35 is recommended as a contraceptive for women who are dissatisfiedwith other forms of contraception.
Med Info: EllaOne ® pillfor emergency contraception

EllaOne ® is approved foremergency contraceptionwithin 120 hours (5 days) after unprotectedsexual intercourse orcontraceptive failure.

Active ingredient:ulipristal acetate
Manufacturer:HRA Pharma

Effectiveness of the ingredient:

ellaOne ® contains the synthetic drugulipristal acetate, known as aprogesterone receptormodulator.

Progesterone is one of the female sex from the groupof progestogens. It provides for a pregnancy withinthe growth of theembryo and theregulated supply ofthe most importantnutrients.

Ulipristal acetateblocked thedocking sites forprogesterone, so it can no longer bindand exert its effectfree. Characterizedthe production of proteins is suppressed, which would be necessary for the onset andmaintenance of pregnancy.

Pharmaceutical that is used as a "morning after" pill (also known asemergency contraception) taken. It cancontain up to five days (no more than 120 hours)will be applied after a suspected adversefertilization.


Pregnancy to avoida tablet EllaOne isas early as possible, but no later than taken up to 120 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse.

After takingEllaOne must alsobe prevented with a barrier method (eg condoms) until the next menstrual period. This is also necessary if furtherhormonal contraceptives are taken.

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